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30.08.2021 – 13.30 – Flagey

European Film Awards | Short Matters!

Discover 3 programmes composed of awarded shorts at famous film festivals such as Berlin, Venice or Rotterdam.

A Mordida

Pedro Neves Marques

Pays Portugal
Genre Fiction
2019 - 26' - Couleur
Between a house in the Atlantic forest and a genetically-modified mosquito factory near São Paulo, a polyamorous, non-binary relationship struggles to survive an epidemic spreading across Brazil. While in the factory millions of mosquitos are born daily inside test tubes, the power dynamics between Helmut, Calixto, and Tao only intensifies. The Bite is a film found somewhere between horror, science fiction and a queer drama.

Genius Loci

Adrien Mérigeau

Pays France
Genre Animation
2019 - 16'20'' - Couleur
One night, Reine, a young loner, sees among the urban chaos a moving oneness that seems alive, like some sort of guide.

Menschen Am Samstag

Jonas Ulrich

Pays Switzerland
Genre Fiction
2020 - 10' - Couleur
A sunny Saturday afternoon in Zurich. Ten tableaux show people struggling with the small and big challenges of their daily lives.

Në Mes

Samir Karahoda

Pays Kosovo
Genre Documentary
2019 - 13'36'' - Couleur
Brothers and sons who live abroad build identical houses to express the equality and unity in family. An empathetic portrait of the families that, by economic necessity, need to live much of their lives separated and living in cultures not their own.


Hristo Simeonov

Pays Bulgaria
Genre Fiction
2019 - 19' - Couleur
Nina is a street pickpocket under the control of Vassil, who collects everything she can steal. They live under one roof, but sometimes Nina dreams about escaping. In another attempt to pickpocket Nina is captured. To her surprise, the victim of the robbery offers her help to go home.