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29.08.2021 – 18.30 – Vendôme

A selection of the very best European short films of last year awarded with a national audience award. After winnning the favour of their national audience, 10 short films are now on a quest to win the hearts of 511 million Europeans, frist stop : Brussels! You, Belgian public, are the first one to vote !

Fließende Grenze

Joana Vogdt

Pays Germany
Genre Fiction
2020 - 17' - Couleur
The border between East and West Germany runs right through Schaalsee lake. The attempt to solidify the dividing line shows just how fluid it is.


Virpi Suutari

Pays Finland
Genre Documentary
- 26' - Couleur
A People’s Radio – Ballads from a Wooded Country is a carnivalesque portrayal of the Finnish landscape of the soul and abode. The short film is based on the iconic YLE programme “People’s Radio”, and its visual material has been created by the road movie method of driving across summery Finland. The film paints a panorama of what Finland looks like today. Its narration progresses through humour into civic anarchy, ultimately also towards the longing for human connection.


Hippolyte Leibovici

Pays Belgium
Genre Documentary
- 22' - Color
The documentary portrays a family of Brussels Drag Queens over four generations during an evening in the dressing room. As the male traits are feminised under layers of make-up and alcohol, hearts open up. Difficult subjects are broached (suicide, coming out or maternal love, for example), jokes are made and generational shock is inevitably part of the discussion.

O Nosso Reino

Luís Costa

Pays Portugal
Genre Fiction
2020 - 15' - Couleur
In a village where time and space run out, a child dwells in the death vortex.