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28.04.2022 – 19.30 – Flagey

A selection of the very best European short films of last year awarded with a national audience award. After winnning the favour of their national audience, 9 short films are now on a quest to win the hearts of 511 million Europeans, frist stop : Brussels! You, Belgian public, are the first one to vote !

O Lobo Solitario

Filipe Melo

Pays Portugal
Genre Fiction
2021 - 22'00" - Couleur
On a night like any other, Vítor Lobo, the “lone wolf”, goes live on Viva FM, a radio station, in which he hosts a late-night talk show, taking calls from his listeners. The “lone wolf” could never imagine the emotional night that awaited him.

Hanging on

Alfie Barker

Pays United Kingdom
Genre Documentary
2021 - 10'00" - Couleur
A docu-drama that spotlights the strength of a community when faced with eviction. HANGING ON reminds us about the struggles of people who are slipping through the cracks of society and what it means to have a home.

Mehiläiskesä (Summer of bees)

Ida-Maria Olva

Pays Finland
Genre Fiction
2021 - 22'38'' - Couleur
Eedi, suffering from eco-anxiety, decides to start beekeeping with the help of their mother Anne who, rather than fearing for the future, is scared of every single little bee.


Zamarin Wahdat

Pays Germany
Genre Fiction
2020 - 14' - Color - Sous-titres: OV FA/DE ST FR/NL
When 8 year old Kati from Afghanistan stows away in her father’s truck, Faruk must juggle his responsibilities as a single dad while holding down his first job in a new country. A brush with racism tests the bond between father and daughter.

Sprötch (Squish)

Xavier Seron

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2020 - 21' - Black & White - Sous-titres: OV FR ST EN
Flo has to go to Marrakech for work. So, it’s Tom who takes care of Sam, their 5-year-old son. Flo left him a list of tasks to complete during her absence. Despite this, Tom forgot Sam’s guitar course. From his ryad, Flo calls to blame him. Tom hates being caught. He picks up Sam. The car comes out of the garage at full speed. SQUISH. Tom just crushed something...