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National Competition 6

24.04.2022 – 20.30 – Flagey
29.04.2022 – 16.00 – Flagey

To gather and discover films from North and South of the country.
From nearly 300 films received, 37 films will compete in the National Competition.

Une nouvelle perspective

Emanuela Ponzano

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2020 - 18'26" - Color
While playing in a forest with his friends, a young boy comes across a lost and crying child of foreign ethnicity, bodies piled up in rows, military policemen with their dogs and a high wall of barbed wire. Where are we?.. And when?


Margot Reumont

Pays Belgium
Genre Animation
2021 - 15'26" - Color
At her father's request, Coline returns to her childhood bedroom to sort through her belongings. The various objects she finds remind her of childhood memories that stick to her and that she will finally accept to leave behind…


Olivier Smolders

Pays Belgium
Genre Documentary
2021 - 23'02" - Color/B&W
On vacation in the countryside, a filmmaker thinks about the mourning of his parents. As their faces, and most especially their gaze, fades away, he starts meditating on masks as passages to the afterlife.

La Piscine

Karim Barras, Baptiste Sornin

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2021 - 14'14" - Color
Two friends go to the swimming pool. One of them forgot his bathing cap.


Alice Khol

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2021 - 10'00" - Color
Justine, 22, has always preferred girls. One night, during a drunken party where she sees her ex again, she falls into the arms of Malik. This event will disrupt the image she had of herself and what she identified with until then.

Ma Gueule (Rag Head)

Grégory Carnoli, Thibaut Wohlfahrt

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2022 - 22' - Color - Sous-titres: OV FR/NL ST FR SDH
Stéphane returns to his hometown, La Louvière, to watch a football match with his childhood friends. At the end of the match, they manage to persuade Stéphane to go with them on a trip to a Flemish nightclub. But Stéphane is refused entry.