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International Competition 3

28.04.2023 – 20.00 – Flagey
01.05.2023 – 22.00 – Flagey

Out of 3500 short films submissions, 52 films will compete for the prizes in the International Competition.

Winners of the Grand Prix in the International Competition and National Competitions are considered for pre-selection for the Oscars® in the Best Fiction/Animation Short Film category provided that the film complies with the Academy’s rules.

L’été des chaleurs (Heat Spell)

Marie-Pier Dupuis

Pays Canada
Genre Fiction
- 13'53" - Couleur - Sous-titres: VO FR ST EN
A hot summer day. A half-unpacked house. A mother who needs room to breathe, and a child who needs space to exist. As the afternoon heat turns oppressive, time seems to move entirely differently for each person.

O Homem Do Lixo (The Garbage Man)

Laura Gonçalves

Pays Portugal
Genre Animation
2022 - 11'50'' - Couleur - Sous-titres: VO ST EN/FR
A family remembers uncle Botao: the Colonial War, emigration to France, where he lived and worked thirty years as a garbage man. Memories of each are crossed to tell the story of a man who lived a hard life through humor and fantasy.

En cirkel på två (Circle of Trust)

Victor Nyåker

Pays Sweden
Genre Fiction
2022 - 15'30'' - Couleur - Sous-titres: VO ST EN/FR
SONJA and PER, a woman and a man in their forties, meets up for the first time IRL in a municipal gymnasium. Their intention is to create a safe space where they can explore sides of themselves that they usually suppress. But this seems easier said than done..

El personaje (The Character)

Samuel Gonzalez Vera

Pays Chile
Genre Fiction
2022 - 22'00'' - Couleur - Sous-titres: VO ST EN/FR
Transvestite, is the character that David must play for the annual school play. Bullying will be his main enemy when acting the character.


Lucas Bacle

Pays France
Genre Fiction
2022 - 24'14" - Couleur - Sous-titres: VO FR ST EN
During a night of self-doubt, a tormented caregiver must confess to his best friend with a disability, whom he has been caring for for several years, that he won't be coming back to work the next day.