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Open Air 2

  • Tuesday 30 april 2024 – 21:00 – Mont des Arts


Thanasis Neofotistos

Pays Greece
Genre Fiction
2022 - 16'20'' - Couleur - Sous-titres: VO ST EN/FR

A troublesome new set of orthodontics is just one of the factors that provoke a midair crisis for a flight attendant.

The Boy Who Couldn’t Feel Pain

Eugen Merher

Pays Germany
Genre Fiction
2022 - 20' - Color - Sous-titres: OV FR ST EN
The Boy Who Couldn't Feel Pain’ is set in Grants, New Mexico and tells the fictional small-town legend of Chester, a street fighter who can't feel any pain. When Annie, a bowling alley employee who just moved into town challenges him for a fight, things begin to change.

BXL 2024

Clara Thomine

Pays Belgium
Genre Experimental
2024 - 5' - Color - Sous-titres: OV FR ST EN
As ever, Belgium is slightly ahead of the rest of the world. We take an exclusive look at the streets of Europe's capital, which are undergoing a complete transformation.


Lucas Bacle

Pays France
Genre Fiction
2022 - 24' - Color - Sous-titres: OV FR ST EN
During a night of self-doubt, a tormented caregiver must confess to his best friend with a disability, whom he has been caring for for several years, that he won't be coming back to work the next day.

The Chromakey Man

William Samaha

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2022 - 14' - Color - Sous-titres: OV EN ST FR
Dan always wanted to be an actor, but instead of achieving his dreams, he ends up a chromakey technician on movie sets. Covered in a bright green suit from head to toe, he is stuck in a rut until he gets offered an audition and the possibility to step into the limelight. The opportunity is potentially life-changing, and this absolutely terrifies him.