Best of – Tous à poil 2

1 May 2017 – 20:00 – Flagey

Having Clothes on is not mandatory.

Confessions dans un bain

Marc Gibaja

EPSON DSC picture
Country France
Genre Fiction
2000 @en - 30' - Black & White
Paul is afraid of many things, but especially of losing his friends. So he asks them to come have a bath!

Peau de vache

Gérald Hustache-Mahieu

peau de vache
Country France
Genre Fiction
2000 @en - 22' - Color
Claudine, 17, lives with her parents in the country and helps them in the fields. The cows are her only friends and she looks after them everyday. Claudine has a secret. The path which will lead her to exposing this secret may also prove to be her transformation.

Le Plombier

Méryl Fortunat-Rossi & Xavier Seron

Country Belgium
Genre Fiction
2016 - 15' - Color
Tom, a Flemish comedian used to make cartoons character’s voices, replaces offhand a friend doubler. He finds himself in the studio of a pornographic frenchspeaking film. Catherine, an experienced actress, will be his partner. Tom will play the plumber.

A heap of trouble

Steve Sullivan

Country United Kingdom
Genre Fiction
2000 @en - 4' - Color
A quiet suburban afternoon is rudely disturbed.


Mathieu Donck

Country Belgium
Genre Fiction
2013 @en - 20' - Black & White
To make their lives more exciting, Brigitte and Christine organize a very special party for their husbands... But, is it what they really need?


Jeroen Annokkee  

Country Netherlands
Genre Fiction
2010 @en - 9' - Couleur
Bert's scantily dressed neighbour downstairs, Klaasje, comes by to borrow a cup of sugar. When she lets the cup slip from her hands and they both try to catch it, destiny strikes.