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Opening ceremony 2024

For its 27th edition, the Brussels Short Film Festival invite you to start the festivities by revealing the best of the best short films which will be presenting during the festival.

24 avril 2024


Flagey - Studio 4 (Place Sainte-Croix, 1050 Ixelles)

We invite you for a free drink after the screening

Levi Stoops

Country Belgium
Genre Animation
2023 - 14'59'' - Color

Two people adrift at sea are fighting a bloody battle for the survival of both themselves and their relationship

Ice Merchants
João Gonzalez

Country Portugal
Genre Animation
2022 - 14'30'' - Color

Every day, a man and his son descend from their vertiginous house, trapped at the top of a precipice. They go to the village located in the plain below, where they sell the ice they produce daily…

À l'arraché
Emmanuelle Nicot

Country Belgium
Genre Fiction
2016 - 22' - Color

Raïssa and Alio have shared the same room in a foster home since their childhood. One evening, as she returns home, Raïssa discovers that Alio has left the place without telling her.

Raphaël Quenard et Hugo David

Country France
Genre Fiction
2023 - 15' - Color
Raphaël is an actor. For the first time, he has the lead role in a feature film. No one understands why he was chosen. In fact, no one really understands him.