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National Competition 1

The Importance of Sweet and Salt

Benoit De Clerck

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2012 @en - 13'00'' - Color
The Importance of Sweet & Salt is a tragicomedy about a man his inner struggle to escape from an extremely dysfunctional relationship with his wife. While preparing dinner for his spouse, the man contemplates his current predicament and comes to question his sanity.


Guillaume Senez

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2012 @en - 18'00'' - Color
Sophie has no idea that Augustin, her husband, can't manage his farm anymore. How much longer can he survive?


Hisko Hulsing

Pays Belgium
Genre Animation, Animation
2012 @en - 17'50'' - Color
A man is being robbed and stabbed by a junkie and in that last second before he dies, a youth friendship flashes before his eyes. He and his bossomfriend grew apart, when the latter was being drawn more and more into a misty world of drugs and criminality under influence of a lowlife dealer who lives with his father on the junkyard in their neighbourhood.


Antoine Duquesne

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2012 @en - 12'00'' - Color
"Living with ghosts of the past could drive you to the edge of the void. But maybe it is there you'll find peace within yourself."


Emmanuelle Nicot

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2012 @en - 19'16'' - Color
The shelter’s adress has to remain secret, for her and for the other women. Her cell phone vibrates in her pocket. She is told to turn it off. It is out of question.

Bowling Killers

Sébastien Petit

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2013 @en - 10'00'' - Color
Tony and Simon are bowling champions by passion and hit men by necessity. Tonight, they have an important match but before this decisive encounter, they have to execute a contract.