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National Competition 5

Soft rain

Dénes Nagy

Pays Belgium, Hungary
Genre Fiction
2012 @en - 28' - Color
In this rural coming-of-age story, Zoli, an adolescent boy, who has been grown up in an orphanage, falls in love with his classmate Juli. He is trying to get close to the girl with a wild, obscene and grotesque way of behavior.

Jung Forever

Jean-Sébastien Lopez

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2013 @en - 21'07'' - Color
Alexander is a therapist in his middle age crisis. He’s living a painful divorce, and has stopped his therapist activity. But the unexpected visit is going to change his life…

De honger

Benoit De Clerck

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2013 @en - 16'16'' - Color
Three boys are playing soldiers in the vast dunes of the Flemish coast. 10-year-old little rascal Karel gets separated from his two friends. He discovers a young couple making love, hidden from sight, deep in the dunes. 

Solo Rex

François Bierry

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2013 @en - 23' - Color
Erik is a solitary woodcutter. Kevin is the young conductor of the village’s cycling brass band. Erik never goes out without his old mare. Kevin is keen on the clarinettist. The clarinettist is crazy about horses. They are both going to have to learn.

Famille à vendre

Sébastien Petretti

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2013 @en - 15' - Color
A small hole in a condom back in 1980, and Xav is conceived… Ironic when you know that Oscar owns a sex shop.