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Nuclear waste

Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy

Pays Ukraine
Genre Fiction
2012 @en - 24' - Color
Sergiy and Sveta live in Chernobyl. Sergiy is a truck-driver at a radioactive wastes utilization plant. Sveta works at a radioactive decontamination laundry.

Orbit ever after

Jamie Stone

Pays United Kingdom
Genre Fiction
2012 @en - 20' - Color
Nigel has fallen in love. But when you live in orbit, it isn't easy to follow your heart.


Christoph Girardet , Matthias Müller

Pays Duitsland, Germany
Genre Fiction
2013 @en - 14' - Color/B&W
The body as a wound that never heals.

Houses with small windows

Bülent Öztürk

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2013 @en - 16' - Color
22-year old Dilan pays for her forbidden love for a young man in a neighbouring village with her life. She has shamed the family and therefore must die at the hands of her own brothers.

La lampe au beurre de yak

Hu Wei

Pays China
Genre Fiction
2013 @en - 15' - Color
A young photographer and his assistant suggest to Tibetan nomads to take their picture. Against diverse and more or less exotic backgrounds, families appear to the photographer. Through these shots, the photographer will weave unique links with each of the various villagers.