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National Competition 5

Monstre by Delphine Girard

Delphine Girard

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2014 - 18’20’’ - Color
Early summer. Moving house. Between games in the garden and packing boxes. 11- year-old Adele decides to send a message to her future self in case she should forget all the different elements that make up her life.

Who’s in the Fridge (a love story) by Philippe Lamensch

Philippe Lamensch

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2015 @en - 15’ - Color
Cindy is allowed to leave the Women’s Mental Ostopital for the weekend with Alex, her husband. Back home, it appears that her state hasn’t improved. She still sees men with cameras everywhere in the kitchen, spying on her. There’s even one in the freezer!

Livreur by Vladilen Vierny

Vladilen Vierny

Pays Belgium, France
Genre Fiction
2015 @en - 11’38’’ - Color
A young meal deliverer faces the humanity of the elderly.

Little Dreams by Wilkie Branson

Wilkie Branson

Pays Belgium
Genre Animation
2015 @en - 6’04’’ - Couleur
An independent dance animation about dreams, fears and aspirations. Little Dreams shows someone trapped by both the past and their worries of the future.

Billy the Bully by Wannes Destoop

Wannes Destoop

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2015 @en - 15’ - Couleur
Billy, an 11-year-old outsider, wants to be part of the group. How far is he prepared to go?

L’ours noir

Méryl Fortunat-Rossi, Xavier Seron

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2014 - 15’30’’ - Couleur
Rule # 1: Do not feed the bears. Rule # 2: Do not approach within 100 meters. Rule # 3: Do not surprise bears. Rule # 4: Keep your dog on a leash. Now that you know the rules, we wish you a pleasant stay in the natural park of the black bear.