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Next Generation 2

Home Range by Natalia Kaniasty

Natalia Kaniasty

Pays United States
Genre Fiction
2014 - 14'29'' - Color
Bobby, a military veteran returns to his Pennsylvania hometown. He struggles to adjust to rural civilian life.

Meanwhile by Stephen McNally

Stephen McNally

Pays United Kingdom
Genre Animation, Animation
2014 - 5'15'' - Color
Meanwhile follows four characters traversing a city, each lost in their own separate worlds, trapped in their memories, regrets and frustrations.

Espagnol Niveau 1

Guy Dessent

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2014 - 22' - Color
Victor, a young Belgian-Uruguayan, returns to Belgium. He is forced to study anything in order to be eligible for welfare. He will have no other choice but to sign up for a Spanish Level 1 course for which he has to pretend he does not know a single word of Spanish, his mother tongue.

Greenland by Oren Gerner

Oren Gerner

Pays Israel
Genre Fiction
2014 - 17' - Color
Oren comes to his parents’ house to pack his belongings before moving with his girlfriend child and adult, between intimacy and alienation. During this day, the family house constitutes the space in wich past, present, future, childhood and intimacy blend.

Imraan c/o Carrom Club by Udita Bhargava

Udita Bhargava

Pays Duitsland, Germany
Genre Documentary, Fiction
2014 - 14' - Color
In Malwani, Mumbai, most boys can play carrom. There are carrom clubs scattered across this slum. Imraan, an 11 year old, looks after one such carrom club.

Tata by Alexandre Gilmet

Alexandre Gilmet

Pays Belgium
Genre Documentary
2014 - 9'50'' - Color
A young Belgian with Polish roots goes Poland in search of his father that he barely knows. On this journey the young man imagines the life he could have had and the life he might have in the future with his father.