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Next Generation 6

Surrogaat by Flo Van Deuren

Flo Van Deuren

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2014 - 22’45’’ - Couleur
A man and a young girl, strangers to one another, find each other in their search for closure after losing a daughter and a father. A film about the (ir)replaceability of family.

Caradecaballo (Horseplace) by Marc Martínez Jordán

Marc Martínez Jordán

Pays Spain
Genre Fiction
2014 - 8’ - Couleur
A 20 € budget Comedy-Horror-Science Fiction-Thriller-Animal Drama short film.

Ven by Minerva Rivera

Minerva Rivera

Pays Mexico
Genre Fiction
2013 @en - 12’ - Couleur
Solitude and alcohol will bring two being tired of their lives wich didn’t become what they ever dreamt. They decide to take advantage of the night to have fun like when they were kids. The experience will make them feel more than they thought.

Yaar by Simon Gillard

Simon Gillard

Pays Belgium
Genre Documentary
2014 - 20' - Couleur
In the heart of the bush where the gravel is hollowed, a stubborn civilisation hunts out its future below the earth’s surface. Blind, or perhaps all too seeing, they dig away, night and day, spurred on by the madness that drives man to his death.

Serori by Pedro Collantes

Pedro Collantes

Pays Netherlands
Genre Fiction
2014 - 15’ - Couleur
What happens when our hearts are broken forever ? What happens when our hearts have never been broken before ? Minor things can lead to moments of great relation when encountered for the first time, even if they are vegetables.

The Bigger Picture by Daisy Jacobs

Daisy Jacobs

Pays United Kingdom
Genre Animation, Animation
2014 - 7’05’’ - Couleur
Two brothers care for their eldery mother. Jovial, loving Richard flees as soon as anything practical needs to be done. Dutiful Nick does everything he can for his mother. And Mother is not going to make it easy for either of them.