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Next Generation 5

Bizon 6 by Pauline Laplace

Pauline Laplace

Pays France
Genre Fiction
2014 - 26’ - Couleur
Julie is wandering in the neighbour Chemin de L’Ile at Nanterre. She’s looking for someone she knew and meet unknown people. During her dance between the sounds of children playing and the songs of the open air dance hall, stories are told …

Honderleven by Pieter Vandenabeele

Pieter Vandenabeele

Pays Belgium
Genre Animation, Animation
2014 - 8’20’’ - Couleur
A dog lives a lonely life in the house of his master and tries to fill his days with all kinds of hobbies. Hopefully, some unexpected event will take place. If not, this could turn out to be a very boring film.

Janus by Sung Hwan Kim

Sung Hwan Kim

Pays South Korea
Genre Fiction
2014 - 15’13’’ - Couleur
On a snow-covered road, a couple hits a kid with a car by accident. After a fight, the woman locks herself in the car and calls the police, while the man threatens her to come out and help him hide the body.

Call it Blue by Julia Hendrickson

Julia Hendrickson

Pays Canada
Genre Fiction
2014 - 12’42’’ - Couleur
Insurance agent, Benito to travel in Ontario. He meets the seductive Ana on a ferry and takes her with him. For prombeing tedieus, the journey takes another dimension.

Gleichgewicht (Keeping Balance) by Bernhard Wenger

Bernhard Wenger

Pays Austria
Genre Documentary
2015 @en - 5’15’’ - Couleur
Denise visits nearly every day the Viennese « Prater » amusant park to take some rides with electronic « Tagada » carousel because it helps her to get over her difficult past.

Paul et Virginie by Paul Cartron

Paul Cartron

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2014 - 18’40’’ - Couleur
Paul lives alone with his mother Virginie. Weakened by disease, she is unable to go about their daily life anymore. Paul, driven by the unbreakable bond of love that exists between him and his mother, tries to take matters into his own hands.