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Opening : On the Road Again



For the opening of this 19th edition of the BSFF: the best of road movies short films !

The screening will be followed by a cocktail.

Tickets : €8 till April 19th included, €10 from April 20th.


¿Dónde está Kim Basinger?

Edouard Deluc

Pays France
Genre Fiction
2009 @en - 29' - Color/B&W
Marcus and his brother Antoine land in Argentina. Marcus is joyful, while Antoine, who has been dumped, is completely down. Marcus is decided to cheer up his little brother.

Bonne nuit

Valéry Rosier

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2009 @en - 18'30 - Color
This evening, Pierrot has custody of his children and, as he does every month, goes to pick them up from his ex-wife’s place. But Pierrot is hiding something from his children. Tonight, his children will not sleep at his place.


Bouli Lanners

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
1999 @en - 17' - Black & White
Didier, 39 years old, is persuaded he is going to die. That’s why he decides, for his retired father, to have himself filmed in the places he and his parents used to go when he was a kid. But he hears on the radio that Marc Dutroux has just escaped…


Nash Edgerton

Pays Australia
Genre Fiction
2007 @en - 9' - Color
Jack and Jill are always hurting each others’ feelings. But – like Mum said – “It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye”.