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National Competition 1

4 May 2016 – 16:00 – Flagey

2 May 2016 – 22:30 – Flagey

28 April 2016 – 20:00 – Vendôme

La Graine

Barney Frydman

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2015 @en - 20'43 - Color
Steve and Karim are two teenagers from a rough neighbourhood. One night, as often, they are up to no good, but this time they end up causing the death of a woman.


Ronny Trocker

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2016 - 7'26 - Color
On a sunny Mediterranean beach, time seems to be frozen. An utterly exhausted black man crawls painfully off the sand while around him the holiday-makers seem not to notice him. Freely inspired by a photo taken by Juan Medina on the Spanish beach of Gran Tarajal in 2006.

Les Amoureuses

Catherine Cosme

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2015 @en - 27' - Color
Aline, Sara and Mouche all fall in love with the same man. But Aline is forty, Sara is sixteen and Mouche is seven. And Aline is the mother of the other two. Through love these women will learn how to cross their deepest fears, to face up to the gaze of others, and quite simply to love.

Le Grand large

Olivier Linconnu

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2016 - 16'56 - Color
Winter is coming, a couple has no housing. To not sleep outside, they ask for help to a former friend. But in compensation for housing, he will take advantage of them to influence and compel them to participate in illegal activities.

Le Plombier

Méryl Fortunat-Rossi, Xavier Seron

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2016 - 15' - Color
Tom, a Flemish comedian used to make cartoons character’s voices, replaces offhand a friend doubler. He finds himself in the studio of a pornographic frenchspeaking film.