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National Competition 3


Mathieu Mortelmans

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2016 - 30' - Color
Philippe works as a judge at the criminal court. He is a respectable family man but has a complicated relationship with his 19-year-old son Hugues. One night, after a party, Hugues commits a deadly hit and run while driving home drunk. To protect his only son, Philippe chooses to cover up the evidence that implicates his son in the accident. He lies to his wife and friends. As time goes by, Philippe, who seems to be stuck in between his values as a judge and his role as a father, finds out more details about the accident and starts regretting the choice he made…


Pieter Coudyzer

Pays Belgium
Genre Animation
2016 - 19'54 - Color
The life of a scruffy, banished homeless man is enlightened by the arrival of a very unexpected visitor.

Allegory of the Jam Jar

Boris Kuijpers, Ruth Mellaerts

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2015 @en - 15' - Color
Hans is a 50-year old businessman. He has a challenging job, a wonderful collection of ties and a pristine apartment. One day, when a crack appears on the perfect walls of his home, Hans slowly starts losing control of his seemingly perfect life.

Quand c’est

Xavier Reyé, Luc Tam Junior

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2015 @en - 3'16 - Black & White
The video clip shows the struggle of a man against cancer, represented by a monster.

Nkosi Coiffure

Frederike Migom

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2015 @en - 14' - Color
During a fight with her boyfriend on the street in Brussels' Congolese neighbourhood, Eva escapes into a hair salon. The African women in the salon initially support her, seeing a woman in distress.