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Les Herbes bruissent encore

Marie Le Floc'h

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2015 @en - 17'57 - Color
He looked at him among the men, among these faces from the land - his father, still alive.

In Other Words

Tal Kantor

Pays Israel
Genre Animation
2015 @en - 5'56 - Color
Trapped in his own memory, a man struggles to find a solution for a moment of great missed opportunity to communicate with his daughter.

De Vlakte

Margo Mot

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2015 @en - 14'45 - Color
At a family meeting, Gust meets aunt Vera. Vera doesn’t function like the rest of the adults, who treat her like a child, but with his fanciful and unprejudiced view, Gust gets interested and fascinated by her as they start to form a connection.

Les Amours vertes

Marine Atlan

Pays France
Genre Fiction
2015 @en - 33' - Color
A long tree-lined road in front of her, Camille experiences a new feeling. It will grow with the discovery of the feelings of others, between the waves.


Christian van Duuren

Pays Netherlands
Genre Fiction
2014 - 17'41 - Color
The first bystander to arrive at the scene of a car crash, Pascal immediately calls an ambulance. In the next few minutes, he finds himself in a situation in which his actions play a decisive role not only in the victim's life, but also his own.