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International competition 12

Based on a true story

Cédric Prévost

Pays France
Genre Fiction
2016 - 18' - Color
Alexander, a 35-year old yuppie, who has just been rejected by a girl he fancies, has his phone and wallet stolen when he is challenged by a street gang in Paris one night. Surprisingly this encounter with his attackers leads to an unexpected turn of events.

Bon voyage

Mark Wilkins

Pays Switzerland
Genre Fiction
2016 - 21' - Color
During a cruise on the mediterranean sea, Swiss holiday sailors encounter a sinking refugee boat.

Diamante, O Bailarina ( The Baillerina )

Pedro Jorge

Pays Brazil
Genre Fiction
2016 - 22' - Color
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Stille Pa Sett (Quiet on set)

Petter Holmsen

Pays Norway
Genre Fiction
2016 - 12' - Color
We're in a war zone, probably in 1940: World War 2. Soldiers are scattered in the snow: freezing, bleeding and dead. Suddenly we cut out: we're on a Norwegian film set in 2015. QUIET ON SET is a meta-fictional short film that deals with a romantic encounter at the bottom of the film ladder.

The Cameraman

Connor Gaston

Pays Canada
Genre Fiction
2016 - 16'25'' - Couleur
Francis must reconcile his relationship with his abusive father who suffers from Huntington's Disease. Francis' younger brother, Ed--the cameraman--records their dysfunctional lives with his Super 8 camera.