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International competition 2

Für dich bei mir (Margret & Helmut)

Clemens Beier

Pays Germany
Genre Fiction
2016 - 30' - Color
Helmut suffers from dementia. Trying to hold onto the fleeting memories of her husband, Margret searches for him in all the wrong places. As the line between reality and illusion disappears entirely, Margret realizes that it is time to make a decision.

Que vive l’Empereur

Aude Léa Rapin

Pays France
Genre Fiction
2016 - 25' - Color
Napoleon's troops are gathering close to Waterloo. Time is running out for common soldier Baby, who is seeking a battalion to join the Great Army. Tomorrow, the troops will launch the attack on the English. Along with his wife Ludo, in the parking lot where they have pitched their tent, they are living the last remaining hours before the fall of the Empire.


Juanjo Gimenez Peña

Pays Spain
Genre Fiction
2016 - 15'07'' - Color
Luna and Diego are the parking lot security guards. Diego does the night shift, and Luna works by day.


Hector Ochoa

Pays Colombia
Genre Fiction
2016 - 13' - Color
Ciro is 70 years old. He is a peasant who plants yucca to survive. He starts feeling tired and weak and can't cultivate his land anymore. His only son Gerson who is in jail wants to help his father.