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National Competition 5

Le Pérou

Marie Kremer

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2017 - 15' - Color
Summoned to a mysterious meeting, Poppy,Vincent,Gaspard,& Adèle find themselves in front of a worn down bar, on the seaside, in Ostende. They discover that they're half-brothers/sisters, they inherit the bar with 1 mission, rebuild the bar.

Les Naufragés

M. Mortelmans & C. Delberghe

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2018 - 15'10'' - Color
Lou is a lawyer. She visits the prison to question Nina, an inmate who has just been incarcerated. These two women fight with their consciences and this meeting quickly takes a sinister turn.

La Grande Vacance

Richard Salomé

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2018 - 24'38'' - Color
Judith is on vacation when she finds out her mother is not well. She decides to continue her trip with her new boyfriend with whom she is madly in love, but lingers between relaxing and receiving updates from home.

The Day The Dogs Disappeared

Mellaerts Ruth, Kuijpers Boris

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
- 20'27'' - Color
When the French bulldog of the Haese family disappears, Anna tries to protect her loved ones against an undefined threat. While procedures of the National Security Agency enter into force, a sense of fear is slowly creeping into the family’s live. What once was familiar, gradually becomes uncanny.


Thomas Secaz

Pays Belgium
Genre Animation
2018 - 10'51'' - Color
Jacot is a parrot who fart with the own as figured: his stomach is gargoyle, but above all, he "fart higher than his ass"! Attempting at first to hide his troublesome faults to win the heart of his sweet, he will manage to make an asset and force the admiration of all ..