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International Competition 11

Oturacaqlar (The Chairs)

Orkhan Aghazadeh

Pays Azerbaijan
Genre Fiction
2018 - 19' 50'' - Color
In the dark of night, a flashing stable light is answered by another, on the other side of the village.

Super Comfort

Kirsikka Saari

Pays Finland
Genre Fiction
2018 - 15' - Color
Taina, 52 year old, is preparing a perfect weekend with the family, since her son Eetu, 23 year old, is visiting with his girlfriend Noora. Nothing goes as planned.

Nus dans les rues la nuit

Benoit Rambourg

Pays France
Genre Fiction
2018 - 20' - Black & White
End of summer. This is the last night that Cédric spent with Sofiane and his sick father. To ward off the morbidity that reigns in the house and offer a last memorable memory, Cédric offers to Sofiane to go on a night excursion in their neighborhood ... in underwear.


Claudius Gentinetta

Pays Switzerland
Genre Animation
2018 - 3' 40" - Color
In a veritable firework display of digital self-portraits, hundreds of quaint, embarrassing and dreadfully disturbing selfies were arranged in a unique short film composition. Single photos, artistically reworked, consolidate to form a ghastly grin that outshines the abyss of human existence.

Acquario (Aquarium)

Lorenzo Puntoni

Pays Italy
Genre Fiction
2018 - 15' - Color
Two human beings, far one from the other, meet: the first and carefree day at the swimming pool, the last and dramatic step of a massacre’s plan. 

Cabin In the Watta

Sergio Pucci

Pays Costa Rica
Genre Fiction
2018 - 13' - Color
Two kids in Puerto Viejo Limón, Costa Rica, a caribbean coast town, leave very early on their bikes, with a machete and a bucket. With no rush and a lot of autonomy, they know how to get what they want out of their surroundings. They know the best product of their work is the time itself, they live with a little bit and with a lot.