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Family (from 7 years)

12.09 – 11.00 – GALERIES

A family session of short films on the big screen! On the menu, animation masterpieces, soul-stirring, captivating, stunning, fun or educational films…
A nice opportunity to confront our little darlings with the personal universes of each of the filmmakers.

A Day with dad

Mads Guldborg Bøge

Pays Denmark
Genre Animation
2016 - 12' - Color
Dad is under a lot of pressure. As a single parent to a hyperactive boy, his only break is after he has dropped off the kid at school. One day, a snowstorm forces Dad to bring his kid to work.

Apple tree man

Alla Vartanyan

Pays Russia
Genre Animation
2019 - 10'46'' - Color
The story of Appletreeman, the spirit of the oldest apple tree in orchards, originated from the folklore of county of Somerset, UK, and an old farmer, who is trying to save the harvest not demanding anything from anyone in return.

La vie de Château

Nathaniel H'limi, Clémence Madeleine-Perdrillat

Pays France
Genre Animation
2019 - 29' - Couleur
Violette sets off to live with her uncle Régis, who works as a cleaner at the Palace of Versailles. She hates him, so she decides she will not talk to him.

Prošlo je s kišom (Gone with the rain)

Siniša Ercegovac

Pays Croatia
Genre Animation
2018 - 14'15'' - Color
A story about a man and a cat. The film Gone with the Rain is conceived as an homage to love and friendship, as a balance to contemporary social values and patterns of living.