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11.09 – 14.00 – GALERIES

Discover all the shorts that were nominated for the last Academy Awards Oscars® Ceremony.

The Brussels Short Film Festival is now listed among as an Oscar® Qualifying Festival!

Nefta Football Club

Yves Piat

Pays France
Genre Fiction
2018 - 17' - Color
In Southern Tunisia, near the Algerian border, two young brothers come across a donkey with headphones on his ears.


Bryan Buckley

Pays United States
Genre Fiction
2019 - 22' - Color
It is the tale of two inseparable orphaned sisters, Saria and Ximena, as they fight against daily abuse and unimaginable hardship at Virgen de la Asuncion Safe home in Guatemala. This story follows the events leading up to the tragic fire in 2017 that claimed the lives of 41 orphaned girls.

The Neighbors’ Window

Marshall Curry

Pays United States
Genre Fiction
2019 - 20' - Color
The neighbors’ window tells the story of Alli (Maria Dizzia), a mother of young children who has grown frustrated with her daily routine and husband (Greg Keller). But her life is shaken up when two free-spirited twenty-somethings move in across the street and she discovers that she can see into their apartment.

Une Sœur (A Sister)

Delphine Girard

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2018 - 16'29'' - Color
A night. A car. A woman in trouble. A call.

Veljeys (Brotherhood)

Meryam Joobeur

Pays Canada, Qatar, Sweden, Tunisia
Genre Fiction
2018 - 25' - Color
Mohamed is a hardened shepherd living in rural Tunisia with his wife and two sons. Mohamed is deeply shaken when his oldest son Malik returns home after a long journey with a mysterious new wife. Tension between father and son rises over three days until reaching a breaking point.