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24.04.2022 – 11.00 – Flagey
30.04.2022 – 11.00 – Kinograph

Short films on the big screen! A programme filled with animation masterpieces, soul-stirring, captivating, stunning, fun and educational films… Come and discover the universe of shorts with the whole family!

Cœur fondant

Benoit Chieux

Coeur fondant
Pays France
Genre Animation
2019 - 11'20" - Couleur
To share her “cœur fondant” chocolate cake with her friend, Anna the mole has to go through a glacial forest… that is haunted by a terrifying bearded giant. All the animals who cross his path disappear and, of course, Anna’s route leads to him... but the giant has a warmer heart than it may seem.

Fox for Edgar

Pauline Kortmann

Fox for Edgar
Pays Germany
Genre Animation
2021 - 8'00" - Couleur
Edgar is not getting a lot of attention and affection from his parents, as they prefer spending time with their smartphones and laptops than with their son. In the forest, a fox helps lonely Edgar until his parents suddenly get a wake-up call.

On n’est pas près d’être des super-héros

Lia Bertels

Pays Belgium, Portugal
Genre Animation
2019 - 13' - Color
When you’re a child, there’s this fragile moment where the boundary between fantasy and reality is shattered. This is the testimony of these children between two worlds, to whom the word was given freely.

Sounds Between the Crowns

Filip Diviak

Sounds between the crowns
Pays Czech Republic
Genre Animation
2020 - 14' - Color - Sous-titres: No dialogue
A homeless musician was kicked out of the city after the queen saw his face. Although the guards destroyed his instrument, he didn't lose the motivation to fix it.

Tête de linotte !

Gaspar Chabaud

Pays Belgium
Genre Animation
2019 - 5'43'' - Color
A child struggling with a math problem and his own problems of attention, helped by a mother losing slowly but surely her patience.

Maman pleut des cordes

Hugo de Faucompret

Maman pleut des cordes
Pays France
Genre Animation
2020 - 25'00" - Color
Jane (8 years old) is a strong-minded little girl. Her mother Cécile, however, is going through a little depression. She decides to get help, and sends Jane to spend Christmas at her grandmother’s, in the countryside. Jane leaves reluctantly: she has no friends there, and “Granny Onions” only ever cooks… onions (and they smell really bad…). Against all odds, Jane’s holidays turn out to be a real adventure. In the countryside, she meets unexpected friends in Leon and Sonia, two local kids, and also Cloclo, a gigantic bum with equal talent for jokes and music. Thanks to Leon, Sonia, Cloclo and Granny Onions, Jane will understand that Life can be a feast, after all. And as she learns to open herself up to others, she may well inspire her mother the strength she needs to get out of the hospital of gloomy people..