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Ghosts of Europe : The Hungarian Female Eye

26.04.2022 – 17.30 – Flagey

Ghosts of Europe : The Hungarian Female Eye (Budapest)

Brussels, Berlin and Budapest: three festivals for a tour of Europe that highlights the European differences with three focuses on the issues facing the continent.

Last Call

Hajni Kis

Pays Hungary
Genre Fiction
2018 - 27'00" - Couleur
Anikó, 61, is about to leave Hungary to move in with her daughter's family in the UK. This is her final day before departing from everything she used to have.

Pá kis panelom

Éva Darabos

Pays Hungary
Genre Animation
2020 - 9'00" - Couleur
A woman learns that she has to move from the residential block she lives in. After receiving the news, she is overwhelmed with emotion. Her teardrop grows into a concrete monolith. When the drop hits the ground, a surreal panorama of the residential block unfolds…

A birodalom utolsó napja

Júlia Halász, Anna Rubi

Pays Hungary
Genre Fiction
2017 - 13'00" - Couleur
When an empire collapses, the oppression disappears, but also the security of the previously existing structures. Everything is unstable, and, at the same time, anything becomes possible.

Pannónia dicsérete

Borbála Nagy

Pays Germany, Hungary
Genre Fiction
2020 - 27'00" - Couleur
In the midst of chaos caused by the visit of the Prime Minister to an ordinary school in Hungary, one of the schoolgirls, Márti, hesitantly prepares her little rebellion.

A csatárnő bal lába életveszélyes

Fanni Szilágyi

Pays Hungary
Genre Fiction
2017 - 12'00" - Couleur
Julcsi is nearly thirty. She has spent her cozy, gray weekdays with Zoli for years. Paralyzed by despair she is waiting for something to happen with her. One night she finds herself in the body of Lionel Messi. The next day a hidden masculin power appears in her.