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Ghosts of Europe : United in diversity

27.04.2022 – 21.30 – Flagey

Ghosts of Europe : United in Diversity ? (Brussels)

Brussels, Berlin and Budapest: three festivals for a tour of Europe that highlights the European differences with three focuses on the issues facing the continent.


Javier Marco Rico

Pays Spain
Genre Fiction
2017 - 10'00" - Couleur
Far out at sea, a cell phone floating inside an air-tight bag starts to ring.


Sam Peeters

Pays Belgium
Genre Documentary
2016 - 14'00" - Black & White
Right-wing populism is spreading through Western Europe like wildfire. In this unscripted documentary, Sam Peeters portrays an ironic caricature of life in the Flemish suburbs, which reflects the current European zeitgeist.

Vliegende Ratten

Emiel Sandtke

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2016 - 18'00" - Color
After 11-year-olds Kian and Nadir see Nadir's family being arrested by the immigration police, they decide to run away. But leaving proves difficult…


Kezia Zurbrügg

Pays Switzerland
Genre Documentary
2020 - 18'00" - Color
Dover, a small harbour town in South East England, 31st of January 2020. A man walks his dog, a truck passes by, Great Britain leaves the EU at 11 pm. A film about the difficulty of noticing political processes while you are busy with your daily life.

Le dragon à deux têtes

Páris Cannes

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2019 - 21'20'' - Color
To escape the homophobic reality of their homeland, two Brazilian identical twins are now living in Europe. The first brother has a perfectly legal status in Brussels, the second is an illegal immigrant and lives like a ghost in the German capital.