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25.04.2022 – 15.30 – Flagey
26.04 – 18.30 – Vendôme

Discover new paths! Let’s go to South Korea with a programme of the awarded short films from the Seoul International Extreme Short Image & Film Festival (SESIFF).

Gas, right


Pays South Korea
Genre Fiction
2020 - 15'20" - Couleur
A man smells gas in a cafe waiting for an important guest, but the cafe owner and the waitress make a fool out of him and ignore his words.



Pays South Korea
Genre Animation
2020 - 5'37" - Couleur
High school student. My best friend is pregnant.

202 201

CHO Youngmyoung

Pays South Korea
Genre Fiction
2021 - 14'42" - Couleur
Someone next door keeps connecting my bluetooth speaker. Who the hell are you?


KIM Kyoungbae

Pays South Korea
Genre Animation
2020 - 3'08" - Couleur
The boy is swept up and gets lost in the parade pouring into the room.

The Chat

LEE Gunhee

Pays South Korea
Genre Fiction
2020 - 4'15" - Couleur
In the cold winter, the man in the driver's seat doesn't like the brand of bread bought by the man in the passenger seat. The man in the passenger seat also doesn't like the man in the driver's seat who complains about the bread.

Mullae-dong Medley

AN Jaeyoung

Pays South Korea
Genre Documentary
2021 - 10’19’’ - Couleur
Mullae-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, is like an island where manufaturing, ironwork, and bearing factories share and cooperate in one place. Mullae-dong is a place where sweat and consideration created sadness and joy. The mechanical sounds that spread from factory to factory continue like a medley, as well as their sorrows. That Mullae-dong is disappearing.

Walking Through Words

PARK Hyemin

Walking through words
Pays South Korea
Genre Documentary
2021 - 6'10'' - Couleur
Suddenly, I discover a weird inscription on the wall in Yeongdeungpo subway station. Upon this opportunity, while I’m walking along the street, some signs, inscriptions, symbols stand out from the ordinary routine. I think of whom put up theses signs, whom made theses inscriptions.

Fries Encounter

KIM Jiyeon, Didier YOO

Pays France, Netherlands, South Korea
Genre Animation
2021 - 8'30" - Couleur
Fries, which are considered as just a side menu of fast food, actually were Belgian soul food. Koreans and Belgians encounter through fries.