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22.04.2022 – 15.00 – Flagey

We offer a ‘carte blanche’ to the Latin American Film Festival of Biarritz. A unique chance to get a sense of Latin American shorts they selected last year and a good way to celebrate two cities which have teamed up since 1959: Ixelles and Biarritz.

La Radio

Carlos Novella

Pays Venezuela
Genre Fiction
2021 - 14' - Couleur
60-year-old Humberto, travels through the chaotic city of Caracas seeking to repair his old and damaged radio that has accompanied him throughout his life.

Son of Sodom

Theo Montoya

Pays Colombia
Genre Documentary
2020 - 15' - Couleur
Camilo Najar was known on social media and in the Medellín queer scene as “Son of Sodom.” In 2017 he auditioned for the starring role in Theo Montoya’s upcoming film. On camera, he talks frankly about his life, his sexuality, his experimentation with drugs, and death—which he doesn’t fear. A week later, at the age of 21, he was dead from a heroin overdose.

La Luz de Masao Nakagawa

Hideki Nakazaki

Pays Mexico, Pérou
Genre Documentary
2021 - 8' - Couleur
(french) Sans pathos ni grands discours contre le numérique, le film témoigne, avec respect et dignité, de la fermeture du studio photographique Nakagawa – 91 ans après sa fondation dans le nord du Pérou -, en ayant l’élégance éthique d’enregistrer en argentique la fin d’une pratique qui était beaucoup plus qu’une simple technologie : un savoir-faire et un savoir-vivre. Ici, le cinéma semble prolonger ces gestes révolus de la photographie et même s’y substituer le temps d’un ultime cliché.


Adriana Barbosa, Fernanda Pessoa

Pays Brazil
Genre Documentary
2020 - 19' - Couleur
During a period of isolation, far away from each other, 2 friends reconnect through video-letters, inspired by the gaze of female filmmakers: Marie Menken, Joyce Wieland, Gunvor Nelson and Yvonne Rainer. Fernanda, living in São Paulo, and Adriana, living in Los Angeles. They share their inspiration while capturing the reality of these times.

Entre ellas

Roxane Florin

Pays Mexico
Genre Documentary
2020 - 23' - Couleur
In the intimacy of a laundromat in Mexico City, the lonely women of the neighborhood gathered every day in spontaneous solidarity to tell their stories. Through the exploration of their loneliness, the cycle of female memory takes shape.