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Open Air 2

03.05.2023 – 21.00 – Monts des Arts/ Kunstberg

The best of short film is waiting for you under the starry sky! Come to the Mont des Arts and make yourself comfortable with a breathtaking view of the city. On the menu: free open air “best of” screenings! All you have to do is enjoy…

Partir un jour

Amélie Bonnin

Pays France
Genre Fiction
2021 - 24'00" - Noir et Blanc - Sous-titres: VO FR ST EN
After he graduated from high school, Julien left Normandy – where he was born and bred – to build a bigger life for himself in Paris, leaving his memories behind. But one day, it is time for him to go back, and all these memories violently come back to the surface.

Les liaisons foireuses

Chloé Alliez, Violette Delvoye

Pays Belgium, France
Genre Animation
2021 - 11'03" - Color - Sous-titres: VO FR ST EN
Tonight it’s the big party at Claire's and it's going to be so cool. Besides, Jimmy came. Everyone knows he is there for Maya. But does her heart beat for Jimmy?


Dania Bdeir

Pays France, Lebanon
Genre Fiction
2021 - 15'42" - Couleur
Mohammad is a crane operator working in Beirut. One morning he volunteers to take on one of the tallest and notoriously most dangerous cranes in Lebanon. Away from everyone’s eyes, he is able to live out his secret passion and find freedom.

The proposal

Det Sporadiske Filmkollektivet

Pays Norway
Genre Fiction
2018 - 06' - Couleur
In a boat in the middle of the ocean, Joachim gets down on one knee to propose to Toril, the woman of his dreams. Toril on the other hand, has an entirely different view of their relationship.


Juliette Laboria

Pays France
Genre Animation
2021 - 06'30" - Couleur
In the heat of summer, wasps are busy eating beautiful ripe and sweet fruits. But soon, other visitors intrude into the wasps' peaceful life, taking a malicious pleasure in appropriating the precious treasures of the garden. A war is coming, on one side a group of children, and on the other an army of wasps. To each his own weapon.

Son Altesse Protocole

Aurélie Reinhorn

Pays Belgium, France
Genre Fiction
2021 - 29'00" - Couleur - Sous-titres: VO FR ST EN
"Welcome to your first day among the fairy folk, where life is always filled with magic, fun and jokes. I’m supposed to do a dance but honestly, I’m not in the mood."Once upon a time, there was Wanda and her beginnings as an employee in an amusement park.