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International Competition 10

01.05.2023 – 21.30 – Vendôme
05.05.2023 – 15.00 – Flagey

Out of 3500 short films submissions, 52 films will compete for the prizes in the International Competition.

Winners of the Grand Prix in the International Competition and National Competitions are considered for pre-selection for the Oscars® in the Best Fiction/Animation Short Film category provided that the film complies with the Academy’s rules.


Hlynur Pálmason

Pays Denmark
Genre Fiction
2022 - 22'00'' - Couleur - Sous-titres: VO ST EN/FR
A story of siblings building a tree house together over the course of a year. We experience the beauty and brutality of the seasons, as we follow them through their struggles and moments of joy.

A lullaby for yellow roses

Rahul Roye

Pays India
Genre Fiction
2023 - 17'55" - Couleur - Sous-titres: VO ST EN/FR
A migrant working-class couple, after losing their daughter to an ill-fated destiny, seeks friends in each other.


Vincent René-Lortie

Pays Canada
Genre Fiction
2022 - 29'43" - Couleur - Sous-titres: VO FR ST EN

Inspired by a true story, Invincible recounts the last 48 hours in the life of Marc-Antoine Bernier, a 14-year-old boy on a desperate quest for freedom.

Le calme de l’eau (Quiet water)

Jules Hamdadou

Pays France
Genre Fiction
2022 - 07'00'' - Couleur - Sous-titres: VO FR ST EN
Jeanne takes refuge in her bath. Paul, her little brother, breaks her solitude by joining her in the bathroom, while another argument rages between their parents. The children try to escape it by playing their favorite game.


Zoel Aeschbacher

Pays France, Switzerland
Genre Fiction
2022 - 15'00'' - Couleur - Sous-titres: VO FR ST EN
A teenager in search of recognition, a worker ready to do anything to hit the jackpot, a senior executive at the end of his career who wants to prove to himself that he is still alive. Three characters who are losing speed on the competition highway...