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Next Generation Competition 6

29.04.2023 – 16.00 – Flagey
04.05.2023 – 18.00 – Flagey

Each year, the Next Generation competition presents a selection of films made by students in Belgian and international film schools.

34 films were selected amongst the 895 films received.

La Balade des Gens Heureux (Ballad of the Happy Kind)

Louis Kempeneers

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2022 - 20'38" - Couleur - Sous-titres: VO FR ST EN/NL
On the road, Mona and Simon engage in a role play. Through their characters, they will tell each other things that were previously unspoken and they will realise that the rides are not always happy.

Nivel Dios (God Level)

César Tormo García

Pays Spain
Genre Fiction
- 12'00'' - Couleur - Sous-titres: VO ST FR/EN
Laura, a whimsical 16-year old teenager is in love with her young and attractive Religion teacher and will experience an excessive spiritual awakening that will lead her to lose her mind.


Lison Danel

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2022 - 13'15" - Couleur - Sous-titres: VO FR St EN/Nl
A young woman wakes up, still drunk, during a party. While she tries to flee from her memories, what happened to her during this night begins to haunt her, in a waking nightmare…

Alleen Ik (Only me, me alone)

Jasper De Maeseneer

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2022 - 16'06" - Color - Sous-titres: OV NL ST FR
Longing for acceptance, a neurodivergent boy taunts the boundaries of his best friend: his brother. 'Alleen Ik (Only me, me alone)' is a film depicting experiences of acceptance and identity dealing with heavy ADHD, but is crafted to be about much more.

Martwe małżeństwo (A dead marriage)

Michał Toczek

Pays Poland
Genre Fiction
2022 - 18'00'' - Couleur - Sous-titres: VO ST FR/EN

Filip is a professional extra, specialized in playing dead bodies on movie sets. One day he meets Lucy - their relationship leads him to try and experience life again.