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International Competition 2

  • Thursday 25.04 – 22:00 – Studio 5 (Flagey) 
  • Monday 29.04 – 18:00 – Studio 5 (Flagey)

They were more than 3.000 at the start, and 45 at the finish. Discover these short films from the four corners of the world!


Che-Ming Chang

Pays Taiwan
Genre Fiction
2023 - 23' - Color - Sous-titres: OV ZH ST FR/EN
Kuang has difficulty focusing during school choir. He's distracted by something more enticing than singing. When a charismatic new student arrives, Kuang's curiosity and sexual desire is taken to a new level.

With All Due Humanity (Avec l’humanité qui convient )

Kacper Checinski

Pays France
Genre Fiction
2023 - 25' - Color - Sous-titres: OV FR ST EN
In an employment office undergoing restructuring, Hélène, the deputy director, receives an alarming e-mail from a desperate unemployed woman. The woman threatens to kill herself on the premises of the agency. With the help of her team, Hélène tries to untangle the internal dysfunctions at the origin of the case in order to prevent the irreparable.

Hana E Re (The New Hana)

Jehona Berisha

Pays Kosovo
Genre Fiction
2023 - 9' - Color - Sous-titres: OV SQ ST FR/EN
A trip of four best friends leads to self-discovery and growth as they unveil fears and truths about each other.


Aldo Iuliano

Pays Italy
Genre Fiction
2023 - 13' - Color - Sous-titres: OV UK ST FR/EN
Two teenagers get to an isolated beach to forget the world around them and spend time together. A story about friendship, perhaps about love but most importantly about life challenges and courage. A dive into an uncertain future.


Willem Findinge

Pays Denmark
Genre Fiction
2024 - 17' - Color - Sous-titres: OV DA ST FR/EN
An odd man doing odd jobs is hired to do his oddest job yet.