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Opening Ceremony

Das Rad

Chris Stenner, Arvid Uibe, Heidi Wittlinger

Pays Duitsland, Germany
Genre Animation
2001 @en, 2001 @nl - 8'00'' - Couleur
Hew and Kew are made of stone. Hew and Kew sit on a hill, look down into the valley and watch with interest everything that happens around them - and a lot happens all the time. And then suddenly humans appear - and history takes its course.

Father and Daughter

Michael Dudok de Wit

Pays Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom
Genre Animation, Animation
2000 @en - 8'00'' - Color
A father says goodbye to his daughter and leaves. She awaits his return...

Kleingeld (Small Change)

Marc-Andreas Bochert

Pays Duitsland, Germany
Genre Fiction
1999 @en - 15'00'' - Color
Every day on the way from the parking lot to his office a businessman meets a beggar. Day after day, he gives him some change. One day the tramp starts washing the businessman's car.

7:35 in the Morning (7:35 de la Mañana)

Nacho Vigalondo

Pays Spain
Genre Fiction
2003 @en - 8'00'' - Black & White
One morning a woman notices something unusual at the café where she has breakfast every morning: all the customers and waiters are completely silent and their breakfasts are untouched...

Spielzeugland (Toyland)

Jochen Alexander Freydank

Pays Duitsland, Germany
Genre Fiction
- 13'50'' - Color
1942, en Allemagne : afin de protéger son fils, Marianne Meißner tente de lui faire croire que leurs voisins juifs vont faire un voyage au "pays des jouets". Un matin, son fils a disparu - et les voisins également.

Instead of Abracadabra

Patrik Eklund, Mathias Fjellström

Pays Sweden
Genre Fiction
2008 @en - 22'00'' - Color
Tomas is a little bit too old to still be living with his parents, but his dream of becoming a magician leaves him with no other option. His father just wants him to grow up and get a proper job.