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Multifaceted actress and creator, she can adapt to all sensibilities, always listening to her desire and she never restricted herself to a specific style or genre.

She’s worked with Joachim Lafosse, Jean Marc Vervoort, les frères Dardenne, Julie Lopez Curval, Stéphane Robelin, Nicolas Cuche, Gabriel Le Bomin, Valérie Lemercier, Gérard Pautonnier, Germinal Roaux, Julien Rambaldi, Marc Fitoussi, Stéphane Demoustier, Leila Marrakchi, Inti Calfat, Ady ElAssal, Bruce Macdonald, Philippe Lefèvre and Boris Baum.

After 34 feature-length movies and 7 shorts, 19 telefilms and series, including Melting Pot Café, 21 plays, readings, and performances, you’ll find her in Julien Dewitte’s first short, “Bière Amère”, starring alongside Jean-Jacques Rausin and Isabelle de Hertogh. She’s also set to appear in “Nous, les Grosses”, by Guillaume Druez at the Théâtre de la Vie and the Festival d’Avignon in the French-Swiss casting of “Kvetch”, by Robert Bouvier.

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At the theater, Stephan Castang performed alongside Marion Guerrero, Benoît Lambert, Ivan Grinberg, Thomas Poulard, … He worked at the Company L’Artifice as an actor and playwright (Lettres d’amour de 0 à 10, Molière Award: Best Show for young people 2005).

As a filmmaker, he wrote and directed: Jeunesses françaises (2011, part of the selection at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival, at the César Awards in 2013 and won an award at the festivals of Pantin, Nice, Lille, …), Service Compris (2014), Fin de campagne (2015), Panthéon Discount (2016, part of the selection of the César Awards and of about a hundred other festivals, winning awards in Clermont-Ferrand, Alès, Brest Seoul, Stuttgart, …) and Finale (2020, part of the selection at Clermont-Ferrand and many other festivals, it won an award in Pantin, Trouville, and at the BSFF).

He is currently preparing the shooting of his first feature film: Vincent doit mourir, produced by Capprici and Bobi Lux, with Karim Leklou and Vimala Pons.

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Géraldine Doignon is a screenwriter and director from Brussels. She graduated from the IAD in 2000. Her first short, Trop jeune, received the Grand Prize at the Brussels Short Film Festival in 2003 and was presented in other international film festivals, including Clermont-Ferrand in 2003. She then directs two other shorts, Comme Personne and Le Syndrome du Cornichon that also received various awards and were selected in international festivals.

2012 is the year of her first feature film, De leur vivant. This low-budget movie is released in Belgium after selections across the world. In 2016, her second feature film, Un homme à la mer, wins a prize at the Magritte Awards, and is a public and critical success. This second film places Géraldine Doignon among the Belgian filmmakers worth keeping an eye on.

In 2018, the Proximus Prize and the SACD Prize are awarded to her project Lenny n’a pas d’âge after the Workshops at the Boost Camp.

Since 2019, she’s been working on two new projects: the documentary We are Family and the fiction Devenir Grande.

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Steve Driesen graduates from the IAD (Academic Institute of Performing Arts) in 1995 and began his career at the theater.

Since 1995, he appeared in about 40 creations and was nominated for the Prix du Théâtre (Theater Awards) in 2003 for “L’exemple du Dr Korczak”, by D. Greig.

In 2013, his part in “Landes”, where he appears alongside Marie Gillain, earns him a nomination at the Magritte Awards. After the short film “Bowling Killers”, nominated at the Magritte Awards, and “Les petites mains”, César Award for Best Short Film 2019, he plays a part in Olivier Marchal’s series “Section Zero”, “The Outsider” by Christophe Barratier, “le temps des aveux” by Régis Wargnier, or “Les témoins” by Hervé Hadmar and with Audrey Fleurot, “Prise au Piège” by Karim Ouaret, “V. Hugo, ennemi d’État” by Jean-Marc Moutout, “Je voulais juste rentrer chez moi” by Yves Rénier…

He took part in “Liaison” by S. Hopkins with Vincent Cassel and Eva Green and just finished shooting “Germinal” by David Hourrègue and “TouTouYouTou” Julien Patry.

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Morgane Dziurla-Petit, born in France, settled in Sweden in 2017 after studying cinema in Paris and Cannes. She has directed several critically acclaimed shorts standing at the border between documentary and fiction.

Her second short, Excess will save us, received multiple accolades including the International Grand Prize at the Brussels Short Film Festival. Her shorts (like Le Jour and Grab Them) were shown in more than a hundred festivals in total.

In 2022, she releases the feature film, Excess will save us, inspired by her short of the same name and shows it in competition at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and at the Göteborg Film Festival.


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Bérangère Mc Neese is an actress, screenwriter and director bearing both the Belgian and American citizenship. She makes her debut on ad and short movie sets, then moves on to feature films. She lands one the leading roles in the TV movie Le Viol by Alain Tasma then appears on the big screen for Alexandre Coffre, Cécilia Rouaud, Giovanni Aloi, François Pirot, Pascal Elbé, Nicolas Bedos, amongst others.

She appears in various series, including Like-Moi (France TV), Le roi de la vanne, Le Bureau des Légendes (Canal +), HPI (TF1), Braqueurs (Netflix). She is soon to appear in two new series produced by the Belgian Radio-television of the French Community (RTBF), Fils de and Des Gens Bien.

She directs the short movie Le Sommeil des Amazones in 2015. Her second short, Les Corps Purs, in which she also appears, is released in 2017. The third one, Matriochkas, received accolades such as the CVB Best of the Festival Award at the Palm Springs International ShortFest, the 2020 Magritte for Best Short Film and the Grand Prize at the Rhode Island International Film Festival.




Christophe Taudière: Manager of the Short movie Centre (Pôle court métrage) for France Télévisions since 2011.

He favours audacity and innovation and likes to dig out new points of view and new writings, in the field of fiction as well as for documentaries and animation.

Through its two weekly shows, “Histoires Courtes” on France 2 and “Libre court” on France 3, the Short movie Center gives young film directors their chance all year round. This gives them the opportunity to tell stories and pieces of life with a different view, short and piercing, the surprising moment.


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François Theurel is auteur, regisseur en webvideograaf.

Na een doctoraat in de sociologie, behaald in 2011 aan de Universiteit van Avignon, creëerde hij in 2012 het youtubekanaal "Le Fossoyeur de Films" (« De filmgrafdelver »), gewijd aan de cinema. Door de jaren heen, is het kanaal gediversifieerd met het exploreren van hybride formaten, tussen documentaires, speelse montage-experimenten, mash-up kortfilms en meer traditionele analyses.

In 2020 wijdt François Theurel zijn boek « Camera Obscura », gepubliceerd door Hoëbeke, aan de mysteries van het beeld in de cinema.



Initially an actress, Tatiana Vialle has worked as casting director on about sixty movies and occasionally appears in some productions (the latest one being Aurore, by Laeticia Mason).
In 1996, she staged Marguerite Duras’ Les Eaux et Forêts, with Elisabeth Depardieu, who later entrusts her with the acting course at Emergence. In 2010, she adapted and staged Une femme à Berlin, with Isabelle Carré and Swann Arlaud.
In 2013, she adapted and staged a text by Bruno Nuytten, Prendre le risque d’aller mieux, with Swann Arlaud and Capucine Lespinasse.
In 2017, she co-directed the short movie Venerman with Swann Arlaud.
In 2018, she staged Belle-Fille for the festival d’Avignon. The text, that she wrote herself, was performed by Maud Wyler.
In 2020, she produces Exécuteur 14, a text by Adel Hakim starring Swann Arlaud and Mahut at the Théâtre du Rond-Point.
In 2021, she wrote and directed Le Cabaret impromptu.


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Bea was born in Ghent, in the sixties.

She graduates in 1987 from the Belgian Royal Institute for Theatre and Cinema (RITCS) with a Master in Audiovisual Arts.

In 2005 Bea decides to set up her own production company: DENZZO Brussels is born and will become her fully ownership in 2012. Since the beginning of DENZZO, Bea produced a few hundred commercials and awareness campaigns, a feature film “Sinner” and three worldwide awarded short films under which “Beau Monde” and “Binge Loving” who recently won the Ensor of best short film.



After studying photography at the “75” in Brussels, Christelle soon joins film crews as assistant director for fiction and advertisement.

In 2005, she goes in for production management, mainly for fiction works, and notably on some international co-productions.

Since 2015, the will to be part and parcel of a collaborative approach and the desire to develop long-term projects have allowed to accompany the creation and shooting of two seasons of UNITE 42. It has also launched a greater collaboration with many authors from multiple production companies.

Christelle is a member of the Committee of the Cinema and Audiovisual Centre of the FWB since 2016 and, since 2020, Vice-President of the Short Movie Committee.

Sébastien Petit 3


Sébastien Petit graduated from the INRACI/HELB in 1999. He then worked successively as a film electrician, cameraman, editor, and assistant director. In 2004, he launched the Atelier Pelloche that enables the production of shorts with mentally challenged adults. At the same time, he founded Boîte Noire that allow him to direct his first projects.

In 2007, he comes back to movie sets, first as assistant director, then director, mainly in advertising. At the same time, he shoots several shorts, “Chaos” in 2010 and “Boling Killers” in 2013. The latter was nominated for Best Short Film at the Magritte Awards in 2014.

He is currently working on his first feature film, “Eliot”, produced by Patrick Quinet for Artemis Productions.