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Next Generation 4

Perdition County by Raphaël Crombez

Raphaël Crombez

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2014 - 25'23'' - Color
Desmond, a foot soldier, defects from his band of scalp-collecting pilgrims. He sets out on an odyssey to freedom, throughout the endless landscapes of a fictional county, and attempts to reclaim his humanity.

Jedyne wyjscie (The Only Way) by Piotr Domalewski

Piotr Domalewski

Pays Poland
Genre Fiction
2014 - 19'15'' - Color
After his mother’s death, Adam’s life is being turned upside down. He’s not able to function properly. This friend encouraged him to rent the room of this mother.

L’offre by Moïra Pitteloud

Moïra Pitteloud

Pays Switzerland
Genre Fiction
2014 - 13'20'' - Color
Sami is about to accept a job in the Swiss Bureau of Intelligence, at risk of betraying the values at the heart of his family history.

Dans la joie et la bonne humeur by Jeanne Boukraa

Jeanne Boukraa

Pays Belgium
Genre Animation, Animation
2014 - 5'52'' - Color
An experimental documentary where we observe, through every day scenes, the degeneration of a society where the rise of technology leeds the population to the biggest dream of all men: immortality.

Los Resentidos (The Resentful Ones) by Pablo Álvarez

Pablo Lara Álvarez

Pays Chile
Genre Fiction
2014 - 19' - Color
The daily life of three teenagers in district Lo Prado. A deep resentment, born out of abandonment, boredom and socioeconomic constraints, begins to take shape inside each one of them.