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Open Air 2

04.09.2021 – 21.30 – Mont des Arts


The best of short films awaits you outdoors!

Go to the Mont des Arts and sit comfortably contemplating the fabulous sight of the city.
On the menu: 2 free “best of” sessions under the stars!
All you have to do is enjoy …



Adrien Berlandi, Mickey Broothaerts

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
- 14'58'' - Color
After a weekend away, Alexander comes home to pick up his « special » shirt for the concert he is scheduled to perform that same evening and is surprised to find his shirt missing. His search for the shirt leads him to Jalal and Akram, two refugees that his roommate housed during the weekend. Faced with the intimacy of the relationship between the two refugees and their hardships, Alexander comes to realize that his own search is trivial in comparison.

Il Padrino

Jean-Luc Couchard

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
- 7'59'' - Color
It's the first day of the young Gaetano's career as a driver for Tony Casaro, one of the most dangerous leaders of criminal networks, but on that day things don't go as planned. Is young Gaetano going to make it?

Lapin perdu

Bertrand Lissoir

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
- 21'59'' - Black & White
Depressed since the death of his wife, Jef no longer goes out. Then, one weekend, his goddaughter, Lili, entrusts him with her little rabbit, Jacques. But when Jacques takes off, who would have imagined that Jef’ life would get yet more complicated?

Le Canapé

Baptiste Sornin, Karim Barras

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
- 14'25'' - Black & White
Baptiste got dumped. Alone, he waits for his friend Karim to help him get rid of the last piece of furniture in the apartment he shared with his girlfriend : A sofa. When he arrives, he tells him that he has been dumped too.

Le dragon à deux têtes

Páris Cannes

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
- 21'20'' - Color
To escape the homophobic reality of their homeland, two Brazilian identical twins are now living in Europe. The first brother has a perfectly legal status in Brussels, the second is an illegal immigrant and lives like a ghost in the German capital.

Tête de linotte !

Gaspar Chabaud

Pays Belgium
Genre Animation
- 5'43'' - Color
A child struggling with a math problem and his own problems of attention, helped by a mother losing slowly but surely her patience.