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Open Air 1

02.09.2021 – 21.30 – Mont des Arts



The best of short films awaits you outdoors!

Go to the Mont des Arts and sit comfortably contemplating the fabulous sight of the city.
On the menu: 2 free “best of” sessions under the stars!
All you have to do is enjoy …


La Dernière Séance

Alice Gadbled

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
- 22'03'' - Color
Emilie and her two brothers just lost their father, Bob. Against all odds, his last wish is a religious funeral, which delights their aunt, Nicole. How can you say goodbye with codes that aren't your own? How do you share a grief? How do you share a dead person?

La Ressource Humaine

Adriana da Fonseca

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
- 24'55'' - Color
Camille, fragile and dreamy, lives in her bubble, out of the world that frightens her. But she has no choice, she has to work. From one day to the next, she finds herself catapulted into the ruthless world of a company.

Les Glaçons

Sara Dufossé

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
- 10'25'' - Color
On a sunny spring day, Louise wakes up with a violent toothache. Her lightning pain is not going away whatever she does. At the same time, her ex-fiancé Jerome decides to pay her a visit. He is determined to talk and to finally split up their stuff. "The ice Cubes" tells the story of a past relationship and what's left of it after a few months, shot in a single take.


Hippolyte Leibovici

Pays Belgium
Genre Documentary
2019 - 21'33 - Couleur
The documentary paints a portrait of a drag family from Brussels spanning four generations during an evening backstage. As layers of makeup and alcohol erode away the masculinity and feminize them their hearts begin to open. Difficult subjects are addressed (suicide, coming out or maternal love, for example), the jokes merge and generational misunderstandings inevitably insert themselves in discussion.

On n’est pas près d’être des super-héros

Lia Bertels

Pays Belgium, Portugal
Genre Animation
- 13' - Color
When you’re a child, there’s this fragile moment where the boundary between fantasy and reality is shattered. This is the testimony of these children between two worlds, to whom the word was given freely.