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29.08.2021 – 11.00 – Vendôme

Short films on the big screen! A programme filled with animation masterpieces, soul-stirring, captivating, stunning, fun and educational films… Come and discover the universe of shorts with the whole family!

Au large

Mathilde Papinster

Pays Belgium
Genre Animation
2019 - 6' - Couleur
An ice floe, a big man, a fish and a reality not quite like the others. Here we follow the path of a great man thinking he is an Eskimo living on the ice floe, while for others he is just a crazy man messing up a supermarket by chasing a fish.

Avant card

Stella Raith

Pays Germany
Genre Animation
2020 - 5' - Couleur
We follow Ernst, a postcard character, on his way through the diverse world of postcards and his bizarre journey to himself. Will he find happiness?


Fokion Xenos

Pays United Kingdom
Genre Animation
2019 - 7'14" - Couleur
In the midst of a searing heatwave, two little children find a way to cool everyone down!

Home Away 3000

Philippe Baranzini, Héloïse Pétel

Pays France
Genre Animation
2018 - 11'17" - Couleur
After crashing on an unknown planet, a space traveller begins repairing his spaceship. Little does he know he is before a special and suprising encounter.


Erik Verkerk, Joost van den Bosch

Pays Netherlands
Genre Animation
2020 - 2' - Couleur
In this ultrashort animated film, we follow an octopus who is a clean-up neat-freak. But sometimes, even though you have so many arms, you still cannot reach what you are aiming for.

Lisboa Orchestra

Guillaume Delaperriere

Pays France
Genre Documentary
2013 @en - 12' - Couleur
"Lisboa Orchestra" is a musical journey through the city of seven hills. Over the course of the day's urban rhythms, an original and hypnotic music is composed from sound and visual samples collected in the Portuguese capital, whose metronome is the pulsation of the city.


José Prats, Álvaro Robles

Pays France, Spain
Genre Animation
2020 - 12' - Couleur
In a faraway land where the rain never stops, six-year-old Kyna spends her days playing carelessly under the protective "umbrella-beard" of her father, Din. One night, Kyna’s beloved dog Nana disappears.To find her, Kyna will embark on an adventure of self-discovery and face her great fear, the Rain.

The Kite

Martin Smatana

Pays Czech Republic
Genre Animation
2019 - 13' - Couleur
The Kite deals with the topic of death in a metaphorical and symbolic way. Through the relationship between a little boy and his grandpa, the film shows that none of us is here forever and all living creatures must die, but at the same time it reminds us that death doesn’t mean the end of our journey.