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31.08.2021 – 13.30 – Vendôme

We offer a ‘carte blanche’ to the Latin American Film Festival of Biarritz. A unique chance to get a sense of Latin American shorts they selected last year and a good way to celebrate two cities which have teamed up since 1959: Ixelles and Biarritz.


Alejandro Ángel Torres

Pays Colombia
Genre Fiction
2020 - 15' - Couleur
Grandfather Florentino is seriously ill and his grandson Keyner has to warn his uncles who live in another village in the region. Without a mobile phone or a motorbike, Keyner has to become a messenger from another time. In a world in which technology separates us from ourselves and from others every day, this fable reminds us, with a beautiful humanity, of the importance of both the experience of a transmission and the transmission of an experience.

El silencio del rio

Francesca Canepa

Pays Pérou
Genre Fiction
2019 - 14' - Couleur
Juan, a 9 year old child, lives with his father in a floating house on the other side of the Amazon River. The film constructs a marvellous cosmogony in which men dialogue with nature, days with nights, dreams with reality, children with fathers. It is also an initiatory tale in which the passage to adulthood is made, literally, "by living one's dreams". To such an extent that one does not know whether it is the father or the son who passes on his world to the other.


Patricio Toscano

Pays Argentina
Genre Fiction
2020 - 16' - Couleur
A group of Carlos Gardel fanatics gather every year at the Chacarita cemetery to commemorate the anniversary of his death. Not a film about Gardel, but about melancholy, the quintessential Argentine passion. All the people, filmed with love, carry it within them. They come to defy the passage of time and assert their loyalty. They abandon their solitude for a day and manage to exist for the time of a shot, the time of a song.


Lillah Halla

Pays Brazil
Genre Fiction
2020 - 22' - Couleur
In a village with contaminated waters, a young teenager anticipates her first period, while imagining ways to protect herself from the almost inevitable violence that awaits her. The film works the border between the spoken and the unspoken, between the on-screen and the off-screen, between monstrosity and normality, to create an atmosphere, between realism and fantasy, capable of being as close as possible to its young protagonist and to the discovery of her mutant body.


Camilo Palacios

Pays Colombia
Genre Fiction
2020 - 13' - Couleur
Leonardo goes with his mother and sister to their second home. Seriously ill, he discovers that cryonics is a possibility while his sister dedicates a video to him, which she films with her mobile phone. If film was the embalming of reality, Permanencia proposes to define digital as its cryogenization. The cinematographic technique evolves but the aim of cinema is always to record reality and, even if it speaks of death, to celebrate life.

Teoria social numerica

Paola Michaels

Pays Colombia
Genre Fiction
2020 - 7' - Couleur
An old woman recalls the parallel she made as a child between humans and numbers. This relationship is illustrated by film and digital archive material, reinforcing the idea of the passage of time and the cycles of life. In this light-hearted and profound film, we move from the Super 8 films of childhood to the mobile phone videos of old age. The digital future of man has ceased to be a childish projection and has become a strange reality.