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05.09.2021 – 13.30 – Vendôme

Discover new paths! Let’s go to Korea with a program of the awarded short films from the SESIFF (Seoul International Extreme-Short Im¬age of Film Festival).

Blue Grey

KIM Katie

Pays South Korea
Genre Fiction
2019 - 12'15" - Couleur
Seoul 1989, two people are set up by their families on a date for marriage. New Yorker Jiho, forced into her first arranged date with a Seoul-er Moonsik, aims to sabotage it at all cost. Their date seems to come to an end, yet gain what they didn’t expect - a truthful connection.

CO-DE BLUE (COVID-19, Bride’s Blue)

KIM Jung-eun

Pays South Korea
Genre Documentary
2020 - 10'11" - Couleur
The story of a bride who postponed her wedding due to COVID-19 and felt depression while preparing for marriage again.

Let’s Do Some Research

KOO Jeonghoi

Pays South Korea
Genre Fiction
2020 - 4'32" - Couleur
The girl is not fond of her relationship with the boy, who doesn't seem to be curious enough about her.

Manhole Communication

JANG Jaewon

Pays South Korea
Genre Fiction
2020 - 11'35" - Couleur
On a hot summer day, Junho, who works as an installation engineer, meets a girl (Somi) on the road. When he sees a girl doing something weird on the manhole, Junho starts talking to her. Soon after, Junho has a surprising experience...

Mother, Flower

KIM Eun-hye Hong

Pays South Korea
Genre Fiction
2019 - 16'04" - Couleur
Mother, Flower, is a story of a woman, Soo, who is having a hard time to adjust herself as a new mom to her newborn child after a few months of delivering her first baby. Soo is forced to leave her work because of her depression and faces various judgements towards her from her mom, husband, and others throughout the story.


ROH Dohyeon

Pays South Korea
Genre Fiction
2019 - 13'26" - Couleur
Chu-hyun, a newbie film staff, drives a van to pick up an actress. But as a result of miscommunications on both parties, she ends up giving a ride to a prostitute, Hee-ra.


KIM Wonmyo

Pays South Korea
Genre Fiction
2019 - 14'02" - Couleur
After his grandmother's funeral, Gihun has an important interview for a civil servant position. Throughout the day, he is reminded of his grandmother.