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BSFF on demand

23.04.2022 – 19.30 – Flagey

A programme created by… YOU! Thanks to a vote proposed via our website, you had the opportunity to choose your all-time favourites from the Grand Prix and the Audience Award of the 3 competitions of the last 24 years.

Badpakje 46

Wannes Destoop

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2010 @en - 15' - Color
Chantal, a chubby girl of Twelve, is having a hard time finding her way through life. She doesn’t have a lot of friends, and at home she can only turn to her stepfather for support as she doesn’t get along with her mother or stepbrother. Only in the local pool, where she is training intensively, does she truly feel at home.

Meine Eltern

Neele Vollmar

Pays Germany
Genre Fiction
2004 @en - 18' - Couleur
Marie has a problem. She has met the man of her dreams. But he desperately wants to get to know her parents, which wouldn't be so bad had Marie not told him her parents were still madly in love, cool, tolerant, and the contrary to petty bourgeois. But Marie's parents are anything but that. Lydia and Erhard, both in their early fifties, have been a couple for more than 25 years. Their marriage seems fizzled out, daily routine has long caught up with them. For some time now, they've been sleeping in separate rooms. Everything is tidy, philistinism reigns supreme. In panic, Marie goes to see her parents to prepare them for their visitor...

Avant Que De Tout Perdre

Xavier Legrand

Pays France
Genre Fiction
2012 @en - 30'00'' - Color
Julien is 10 years old. He pretends to go to school but then hides out under a bridge, his backpack filled with clothes. A few kilometers away, 15-year-old Joséphine does the same and waits for the bus.


Daphne Lucker

Pays Netherlands
Genre Fiction
2018 - 15' - Color
Three sisters grow up in a broken home. They are at each other’s mercy and survive as long as they are together. But is their loving connection strong enough to endure their gloomy surroundings?


François Bierry

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2017 - 20'58'' - Color
Serge and his four colleagues are employees in a small company, which has recently been bought out by a large group. As a welcome gift, they are invited by their new employer to a relaxing day in a spa.