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Next Generation 5

24.04.2022 – 20.30 – Vendôme
27.04.2022 – 21.00 – RITCS

Each year, the Next Generation competition presents a selection of films made by students in Belgian and international film schools.

37 films were selected amongst the 974 films received.


Issam Bougrine

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2021 - 27' - Couleur
The brothers Mimoun and Hamidou are two Moroccan immigrant workers who, seduced by the promising brochures, came to the 'promised land' of Belgium in 1964. They came to work in the mines, with the aim of saving money and returning home. But not everything turned out as they had imagined.

Kad jutro svane

Karmen Obrdalj

Pays Bosnia and Herzegovina
Genre Fiction
2021 - 23'00" - Couleur
Lonely self-conscious girl spends her days drinking wine on the roof and waiting for her boyfriend to come home. She can sense that something is wrong - he suddenly got cold. Lack of sex and his friendship with another woman worsen her body image. We watch what happens to them that "one more day" that they stay together.

Le Boug Doug

Théo Jollet

Pays France
Genre Fiction
2020 - 25'58" - Couleur
In a small town in the center of France, Doug and his friends hang around the municipal stadium. They form a little aimless community, having fun making jokes and rapping freestyles, earning petty from small theft and other illicit sales. This frail balance is then disquiet by the appearance of a mystical entity during one of their football games.

Les naufragés de l’autocar

Liora Berliner

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2021 - 15'10" - Couleur
About to board a long-haul bus, passengers are stranded by two black women arbitrarily accused of excess baggage which they refuse to pay for. Faced with those who want to leave as soon as possible, Alix opposes and tries to resolve the situation, until the line becomes a crowd and the crowd becomes a tidal wave.


Clémence Rogge

Pays Belgium
Genre Animation
2021 - 05'45" - Couleur
Yann and Laïla are coming homedrunk from a party, when Laïla suddenly freezes when Yann tries to take a picture of her.