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National Competition 1

  • Wednesday 24.04 – 21:30 – Studio 4 (Flagey) Book
  • Monday 29.04 – 19:00 – Vendôme

The crème de la crème of Belgian short films in competition.

New this year: a number of tickets are available for pre-sale for the first broadcasts of national competition sessions, and can be booked via our website.

Chez Joanna

Sandrine Collard

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2024 - 15'57 - Color - Sous-titres: OV FR ST EN/NL
When Joanna discovers that her car has been taken to the pound, she panics. In her frenzied race against time, Joanna is surprisingly willing to do anything to get her car back.


Marjorie Lhomme

Pays Belgium, France
Genre Fiction
2023 - 20' - Color - Sous-titres: OV FR ST EN/NL
At a service station in northern France, 8-year-old Loulou and his grandmother Blanche bump into a long-lost friend. It's hard to tell her that today the whole family is travelling to Belgium for Blanche's medical help.

Chez Ali (Ali’s shop)

Anne-Lise Morin

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2023 - 16' - Black & White - Sous-titres: OV FR ST EN/NL
Ali, the owner of a night shop, is the victim of an robbery that harms his business and disrupts his daily life. Helped by his friend Fabien, he will try to restore the situation, but his moral principles will be put to the test.


Maïté Lonne, Gaël Maleux

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2024 - 14' - Color - Sous-titres: OV FR ST NL/EN
After filing a complaint, Sagah is summoned to the police station. But how do you tell the unspeakable when you're suffering from complex post-traumatic stress disorder?


Steve De Roover

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2024 - 24'29 - Color - Sous-titres: OV NL ST EN/FR
Gabrielle faces ever-increasing loneliness. Her three children don't make it any easier and wave away her attempts at more contact. But Gabrielle, a woman with an edge, won't let herself be cornered. How far will she go to nip her loneliness in the bud?