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Next Generation Competition 6

  • Sunday 28 april 2024 – 14:00 – Studio 5 (Flagey)
  • Thursday 2 may – 19:30 – Studio 5 (Flagey)

The Next Generation Competition offers each year a selection of films made by students from Belgian and international film schools.

Baisse les yeux (Know your place)

Marie Chauderlot

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2023 - 23' - Color - Sous-titres: OV FR ST NL/EN
Charlotte flourished in Belgian student circles alongside her older brother. A surly comitarde, she enjoys the power that comes with her status. But in spite of herself, her view of this milieu, its abuses and its power struggles, is about to change.


Arman Zafari

Pays Finland
Genre Fiction
2023 - 19' - Color - Sous-titres: OV FI ST FR/EN
Helena is spending an evening with her family when someone knocks on the door. Unknown man confronts Helena with accusations towards her perfect family. Helena drives the man and the accusations away. But the seed of doubt has been planted.

La fin des vacances

Raphaël Venayre, Antoine Guerci

Pays Belgium
Genre Documentary
2023 - 25' - Color - Sous-titres: OV AR,FR ST FR/NL/EN
In the seaside resort of Yasmine Hammamet, many hotels have gone bankrupt. Some have sold part of their buildings to French retirement homes in order to survive. Residents and their loved ones are living here, surrounded by their caregivers. Head in the clouds, feet in the water, they're waiting for the end in this sunny ghost town.

Alliés (Allies)

Salif Cissé

Pays France
Genre Fiction
2023 - 15' - Color - Sous-titres: OV FR ST EN
Amaury, a young Parisian, has just returned from a long trip to Africa, during which he had a profound revelation. He invites his friends to his Haussmann-style flat to tell them about the next upheaval in his life: he wants to change his identity...