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National Competition

National Competition


Here are the selected films for the national competition of the 19th Brussels Short Film Festival :


National Competition 1 

Vendôme – Thursday Avril 28th at 8pm / Flagey – Monday May 2 at 10.30pm / Flagey – Wednesday May 4th at 4pm

  • La Graine by Barney Frydman
  • Estate by Ronny Trocker
  • Les amoureuses by Catherine Cosme
  • Le Grand large by Olivier Linconnu
  • Le plombier by Méryl Fortunat-Rossi & Xavier Seron

National Competition 2

Flagey – Friday April 29th avril at 8.30pm / Flagey – Monday May 2nd at 2pm / Vendôme – Thursday May 5th at 8pm

  • Un grand silence by Julie  Gourdain
  • Caïd by François Troukens
  • No Offense by Kris Borghs
  • Petits Pas by Arthur Lecouturier
  • Le Zombie au Vélo by Christophe Bourdon

National Competition 3

Vendôme – Saturday April 30th at 8pm / Flagey – Monday May 2nd at 4pm / Flagey – Wednesday May 4th at 10.30pm

  • Complices by Mathieu Mortelmans
  • Beast! by Pieter Coudyzer
  • Allegory of the jam jar by Boris Kuijpers & Ruth Mellaerts
  • Quand c’est ? by Xavier Reyé et Luc Tam Junior
  • Nkosi Coiffure by Frederike Migom

National Competition 4

Vendôme – Sunday May 1st at 8pm / Flagey – Tuesday May 3rd at 2pm / Flagey – Thursday May 5th at 10.30pm

  • A l’arraché by Emmanuelle Nicot
  • L’ombre d’un autre by Léo Médard
  • Train de vie by Lisa Matusak
  • Empire by Kristof Hoornaert
  • Crazy Sheep by Mathias Desmarres

National Competition 5

Vendôme – Monday May 2nd at 8pm / Flagey – Tuesday May 3rd at 4pm / Flagey – Friday May 6th at 8.30pm

  • Ice scream by  Vincent Smitz
  • Sparte by Noëmie Nicolas
  • Tranche de campagne by Hannah Letaïf
  • Feel Sad for the Bunny by Kenneth Mercken
  • Réplique by Antoine Giorgini

National Competition 6

Vendôme – Tuesday May 3rd at 8pm / Flagey – Thursday May 5th at 2pm / Flagey – Saturday May 7th at 8.30pm

  • Renaître by Jean-François Ravagnan
  • Là où tu trouvais refuge by Guillaume Legrand
  • Sur Elise by Stefano Ridolfi
  • Figura by Katarzyna Gondek
  • De Overkant by Marnix Ruben

National Competition 7

Flagey – Sunday May 1st at 10.30pm / Vendôme – Wednesday May 4th at 8pm / Flagey – Friday May 6th at 2pm

  • Plein Soleil by Fred Castadot
  • Totems by Paul Jadoul
  • Love Bites by Nicolas Monfort
  • Nelson by Thomas Xhignesse & Juliette Klinke
  • Cure by Alice Khol
  • Schroot by Anthony Van Roosendael