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ARTE: medium-length films

  • Wednesday 01.05 – 19:30 – Studio 1 (Flagey)

The famous TV channel, as a partner of the BSFF since 2022, will bring freshness to the festival by offering a new kind of programme to the BSFF: medium-length films.

ARTE is always looking for new formats and aims at presenting the work of young talents who are pioneers in new trends. Medium-length films are the continuity and the logical development of ARTE’s work with the short film and their programme called Court-Circuit.

With touching and dazzling fiction films, ARTE will take you off the beaten track this year with films about provoking and risky themes.

Mimi de Douarnenez

Sébastien Betbeder

Pays France
Genre Fiction
2023 - 37' - Color - Sous-titres: OV FR ST EN
Mimi works at Le Club cinema in Douarnenez, and tonight she finds herself alone with Gaspard Kermarec, a depressive director who has come to present a depressing film in the town where he was born but left when he was in his late teens.


Nicolas Giuliani

Pays France
Genre Fiction
2023 - 42' - Color - Sous-titres: OV FR ST EN
The arrival of a new carer disrupts the harmony of a couple of disabled people... A bucolic and delicate love triangle in the green Dordogne.